How varied the interest of Russians to Bitcoin? Research Of Yandex

Analysts of Yandex, set a goal and watched as the Russians have been interested in Bitcoin since its inception. Forgot to separately study and cryptolibrary in December last year and analyzed the queries at the peak of the cryptocurrency hype. Moreover, the information filed after must visualize that it is easiest to navigate in time.

Now the Russians refer to Bitcoin?

The interest in Bitcoin among the Russians flew at least twice in the last few weeks. Here it is impossible to exclude connection with the passage of the next support levels. We will remind, on November 15 BTC dropped below 6 thousand, and updated the annual minimum. It happened most likely because of the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash. Interest soon perked up when you drop the coins below 5 thousand. At the moment, the interest is gradually eroding due to the lack of significant events in the industry.

Source: Yandex

The peak of popularity of Bitcoin in Russia

The beginning of cryptochip considered to be may of last year. Then agreed by several factors: in Yandex.News has become much more headlines about Bitcoin. A little later, began a sharp increase in the number of requests with the key “bitcoin”. Then happened the unexpected boom in demand for graphics cards in Yandex.Market.

The peak of interest of Russians to Bitcoin coincides with the date an all-time high coin prices. Then every 2 out of thousands of enquiries were about bitcoin, and the course was requested more often than the dollar.

What the Russians want to know about Bitcoin?

Source: Yandex

During the December peak prices the most common requests were [how much bitcoin worth] and [what is a bitcoin in simple words]. They were followed by queries on the topic of mining: [a bitcoin farm relevance for 2017], [, bitcoin mining GPU actuality] , and so on.

Source: Yandex

In General, in Russia the Bitcoin started to be interested in almost since its inception – 2009. Interest among Internet users started to increase since mid-2010, when, after a scheduled update to the Protocol information about the cryptocurrency began to appear on Slashdot. More data look at cryptodata.

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