How was the leading advertising companies for the month of Ramadan?

When you know that the vast majority of views for all videos of Ramadan in the year 2018 it was the share of ads. You realize the size of the workpiece and wait, which holds this month to the public and advertisers alike.

Audience targeting comes after a breakfast which let in the custom of the People TV “golden period”, because the viewer will be in a good mood after breakfast, looking for the upgrade.

This is pursued some corporate style advertising entertainment lyric which you may see in which your favorite star or listen to a song and dance filled with theatrical performances as do Zain always.

According to the report of the company Google, the more people the content of entertainment in Ramadan is over 15% of the other times during the year. As more than half of the views the original all videos YouTube Ramadan last year the share of ads.

We tried in this report to monitor the months of advertising in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt. Which were the sectors of telecom and banks are present as strongly as in the past years.

In Saudi Arabia, network support and welcoming of difference.!

In the year 2018 provided the telecommunications company declared the annual Ramadan with a new idea, supported by its startups. Through the declaration of guarantee submission of 14 startup companies one payment.

In a hint that the big companies support startups under the theme “active youth, continue our development”.

The Saudi telecommunications company through its responsibility sports to employ their knowledge and expertise to deep, to support small and medium sized businesses which are of the largest creator of jobs in both economies, which will benefit finally to the development and sustainability of the community.

During this year returned the same idea but in a new way, where I made some of the companies that have hosting through a business incubator affiliated Inspiron “InspireU” under the banner of ” owner limits

The idea of the ads was on the form of short films starring entrepreneurs themselves, they talked about the success story of them stealing the moves, and then how they overcame him.

In the smart reference to the role of company STC in the care of those talents and how the speed of the appearance of their companies and helped them to promotion.

Takes all the entrepreneur starred solo in this short film, driven by the enthusiasm to tell the story of his project.

Tell me a suitable Amery of Project Z audio books, we heard the challenges of Mohammed Al-Dosari from the application of the force, and a lot of the stories that will be sold during the month of Ramadan.

Within the telecommunications sector came the declaration of Mobily, under the slogan “What we choose”, which tried to shed light on the social changes in Saudi Arabia by allowing women to drive.

Then she gave us some of the images that I tried to tell her through them that we have to be fickle to the difference of the others in the violence, also tried a comparison between two different generations and the manner of their exercise life.

Zain pointed to the strengthening of social relations and “calling the strongest,” according to its expression.

And this development in advertising among the telecommunications companies we asked Omar alarifi , who said : “there is a policy started by Zain in the region is linked to the emotional side of the religious in putting up ads in Ramadan and had the appearance of something new on the market the Gulf, and with time many companies went with this approach and took the same style”

Includes Arifi to the issue of brand awareness: “all advertisements not tied to the marketing product but is to increase the brand awareness through link to it, by way of declaration notice something passionate and cares about the recipient”

And how it related to advertising for the month of Ramadan adds : “this year the company’s mobile and telecom company collaborated with Ramadan as a time of declaration and time and a link to the network. Meaning if I took their ads published in any month of the year won’t change anything.”

Preferably not Arifi this engagement “the phone company didn’t find the ad Echo wide-spread as is their ad like 2018 from the shock, he was linked to the time the same is Ramadan link closer to the people at this time and he honestly was Vogue.”

Company food the big pasture, I focused on expansion through its initiative to save grace under the slogan “measure of Grace” is the second part of its campaign of the same name which was launched in the year 2016.

And shows us Arifi cause of the spread of the declaration of Almarai Company strongly : ” his timing came in very early on April 14, before any declaration of any other company, then by advertisement through the beautifully crafted graphics came to be distinctive, moreover there is no from the beginning of the declaration until the end of any speaking person will be the meaning of the ad is clear”

He adds: “It is published through Twitter and through YouTube advertising campaign plan of 16 million share in Twitter as well as on YouTube, in addition to its prevalence among people because something’s chasing them daily”

And the difference between the ad and the ad campaign “is not a video ad but an ad campaign extended to the same hashtag #drink started to do it as interactive since the first day of Ramadan with the participation of traffickers for students to learn about the target. There are incentive prizes daily, thereby increasing the deployment of images within the hashtag and on the subject of goal”

And the goals achieved by the campaign rangeland refers Arifi “has achieved grassland community participation in raising awareness on an important subject, published awareness about the brand connected to her emotionally and mentality of the recipient in a positive way, receiving the consumer to pasture positively during Ramadan and before impact indirectly on sales of products Ramadan, because the pastures nearest to the mind of the recipient of any brand is suitable”

It is the ads that surprised us a sense of its drama and comedy high, it was the declaration of company food delivery erection “HungerStation” within the logo, the hashtag #cell, the declaration is ironic usual in social networks of any series of the Gulf, came the declaration on the form of the introduction of Gulf series as “the hurt of hunger” in reference to the brand.

In Saudi Arabia we also mention a series of ads the Traveler, which is targeted through the markets of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where allocated to each market’s campaign is different. And Company entered the waters of Nova on-line declaration which focused on the collection of the family, wrap the fasters on the tables for breakfast.

Of Kuwait; presentation of theatrical dance

Featuring business advertising in Kuwait, performance and lyrical theatrical dance, they are general semi hard at the most popular ads out there.

And his method of singing in the ads says Arifi : “method of advertising, whether theatrical or song depends on the idea does fit with the song or not, violating the treatment of this method depends on the idea in the first place, this method is closer to the receiver has proven success in other markets, but not all of the song mode will be announcing special”

With the clinic the field of Dentistry, presented the artist Bashar al Shatti show performed amazing in which the word laugh, or through the 1.07 minute, in a letter, implied a smile. The announcement of a firm idea of joy and lyrics and melodies and vocals Bashar al Shatty.

It is advertising ahead always justify the declaration of Zain, which is titled “Religion, just morality” in the letter of renunciation to saturation and to deliver the other messages transferred by US artist Najwa Karam in the role of the girl’s “Christian” and her friend, the artist Shireen Abdul Wahab the role of “Muslim”. It also gave us the declaration.

And it adds Arifi “tells the story that the different religions don’t mean kidnapping and advertising is centered between Islam and Christianity from the abduction and from a young age and different ages”

He drew attention to the “in the middle of the advertising have been messages are not linked, such as: Don’t move the prison love God imprisoned him.. don’t break your pen to come his mind the idea alive.”

And explained Arifi that the declaration of the Zen didn’t get on “focus this way is not described as complex because different religions do not descend in the bilateral Muslim-Christian communities of the Arab and target audience in advertising. There is a diversity of fully in religions and society is not problematic Muslims and Christians are a daily occurrence and the phenomenon it problematic doctrines, races, and colors much deeper”

Creates Arifi clarification about the messages embedded “ads for communications companies in Ramadan maybe a car for another reason. Did not make the effort to creative notes sought greater compared to last year, perhaps focusing effort on other occasions such as Eid or national day that has become a development too big”

“With that in my opinion, Ramadan is a great opportunity to very limited competition and strong attraction to people of passion and interaction in the month”

In the declaration of Gulf Bank, was Bashar al Shatty also present through the implementation of the soundtrack of the declaration, which carried the story of “precious and rare” on the form of several videos linked, and urged by the declaration to vote. The implementation of the declaration was from a company Allover Group.

The declaration of VIVA’s resident Heroes series Family The A Series broadcast on YouTube of his heroes is the eternal miracle of the puppet nurses.

Message Boubyan Bank tried to convey with the voice of the artist Salah Al Zadjali entitled “Overcoming wisely.

Finally we recall the declaration of Kuwait Airways, the company Riva

In Egypt; the humor is present always

As the capital of Arab Arts and inherit the great in the theater, television, film, and keep Egypt a leader in the field of representation.

And when we say representation, the mean proficiency of representation in advertising and creating new ideas, perhaps the declaration of the National Bank of Egypt proves that through a sense of drama and comedy very high, where the services were provided, the bank and its definition in a clever and funny at the same time, however, the idea was reproduced but it’s still entertaining.

The telecom companies orange and Vodafone agreements have been used by elite stars of Arab singing that reflects the strength of the competition between these companies.

Achieved the declaration of Vodafone Egypt Vodafone Egypt is widespread because of the emergence of the artist Amr Diab according to some sources it’s got an amount of one billion and 300 thousand dollars, his share in the declaration, the injection advertising 16 million views on YouTube and even writing these lines.

The declaration of the Orange “theOrange” was titled “big difference” with the participation of the artist Tamer Hosni artist Nancy Ajram.Provided telecom company “Etisalat Misr” bilateral collection between the global star-Claude Van Damme “Van Damme” and Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan.

Author: Travel Clinic, interested in the field of technical and economic.

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