How was the use of “Facebook Live” to discover the thieves – the real story

While meditating in cameras and intelligent surveillance, where it arrived today in their specifications and capabilities, in yourself; and do you dare a thief after this on to rob a house or rob a store? But despite that; still speed talking, and thieves unaware that the world has changed a lot, and is no longer a safe environment for them to practice their previous work, or think the task smart, it is our day what’s the smartest of them.

Let us -through the following lines – tell you about my friend and the story of his miracle with the thief, and how to use what he has the potential simple, and without buying any additional hardware or to install any surveillance equipment professional, in that it reveals the robber and causing him to do his project clear video does not support free suspiciously, through his smart phone page Facebook.

The story in a nutshell

Stories -dear reader – that my friend is living with a colleague in an apartment in a city far from his home, the understanding of the students studying in exile, and that the apartment was in an apartment building, just weeks before the trip the previous case and the new guardian, and then happened to choose the amount of money from the bag, someone from inside the apartment, they were surprised and wondered, because they’re friends and trust in each other, it is likely that there is a thief entered the apartment and steal the amount only then the journey, the doubts go towards the new governor, Especially that there are some antics that issue from them, which caused them discomfort.

The thief was already that the new governor, has robbed the building of the room, one of them only, and did not steal anything from the other room, maybe to stop some in some web about doubts, as he didn’t steal any equipment or heavy objects, he was looking for money easy to bring out, perhaps not to arouse suspicion or determines the whirlwind has separated from his new school on it with the bumper.

It is important that something else contributed at confirmation of the felony, but without evidence, can be touched, and that has a way of his own to enter the apartment with ease through the door himself, and that he intended to enter the apartment a second time and a third and fourth, I thought they planned for rhythm thief and prove the charge, where no one knows after that fast, and they didn’t show any signs before the incident, they didn’t even change their Cologne lock the door, as if nothing had happened, and all this in order to lure the thief in back of the apartment.

They wanted to shoot the thief red-handed, think about buying a surveillance camera is good, but instead they decided to use a smart phone, it is equipped with a camera and enough battery for several hours and can hide it and place it in any place does not notice the thief.

But what if he discovered the thief that the phone which depicts the entry of his freedom, of course is going to steal it and the phone with the manual, I thought they were in the Direct broadcast services via the internet, and did not go thinking too far, they know that Facebook provides this service free of charge for whatever, and instead of being broadcast across the expense of someone’s profile, you can create a Facebook page no one is broadcast across them.

They put the phone in a hidden location hard to detect, they focused another camera inside one of the rooms, then use the outside of apartment image, that was my favorite time to have it, for the photo challenge is not the beginning and the end, there was watching the broadcast of it was another close via a normal computer, and events via software the registration screen, even if discovered the thief to the phone access to a Facebook page said to delete the video, there will be a copy reserved documenting his crime.

After several attempts, and several hangouts of the image, the moment came and entered the thief to the apartment, the documented cameras entering his and his, and delivery records to officials of action, and grabbed the thief, he ascribed the building, thus, you out and right to his companions, and curiosity after God and produced by US means and tools.

How to harness technology for the benefit of our

There is no doubt that direct broadcast services has been extremely helpful to us, to know what is happening at the same moment in another place in the world and you’re sitting up in your chair sipping your coffee is not a very difficult one, this technical racing IT companies and can be used in many areas, we have seen today How helped in the control of the thief and documenting his crime.

I wanted my friend to use his possibilities to achieve his goal, without buying hardware or new equipment, we have smart phones, have become those phones with high specifications, including quality photography, and the internet has become in every home -almost – and Facebook open for you his arms to spread through him, and the video free of charge, and you only have to make a combination of these possibilities to reach the goal you desired.

I launched the Facebook streaming for all at the end of 2015, and then make the maximum for broadcasting 24 hours without interruption, and then expanded after that provided to any device in a camera that streams video via Facebook, including computers, via the built-in cameras or professional cameras related, and because warts can be done through the pages as personal accounts, can create a new page hidden from the eyes of friends, is only seen by the same person and wants to help in the surveillance.

But technology has produced us a lot of milk most professional, surveillance camera smartphone and the internet, some of them provides very useful properties, such as motion sensor and send alerts when the entry of any person, or automatic identification of the persons through facial analysis, voice control or the launch of sounds of the region, and other characteristics can be identified across the report published earlier in the tech world.

The conclusion of the …

Is the human solutions that facilitate life, sometimes; to which pious and the evil man his brother, and in turn, the devil and the hearts of the gas together in devising means to counter it in this battle is who owns the information, he said, “Francis Bacon,” the former and of the wise: knowledge is power.

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