How will photovoltaic cells the nucleus of the construction of the cities of the future?!

Several days ago, opened China cut a length of 1 kilometer of the highway first in the world that will use photovoltaic cells to generate electricity in the city, “Jinan”, the capital of Shandong Province in North China. And that is the trade the actual biggest size of those new technology that opens up new perspectives to build sustainable cities capable of generating power independently.

Think cities of the future intelligent electric power mainly to run everything virtually, it is no longer acceptable or logical to use those modern cities the electric power required from sources of traditional fossil fuel, which is limited as well as harmful to the environment. The concept of ways that used photovoltaic cells to generate electricity to add value to the very end to make the smart cities of the future closer to reality. Where those roads is the possibility to generate sustainable power by sunlight, in large quantities, and transported directly to the places needed, as well as the possibility to use it on the K-creative.

Model building innovative without abandoning the hardness of the road quality.

Model is the construction of roads capable of generating electricity through photovoltaic cells on the three additional layers are added to build asphalt roads traditional. Is to generate electrical energy through a layer of connected photovoltaic cells sensitive, is covered that layer with another layer of material after transparent innovative and allow the passage of the rays of the sun light to the photovoltaic cells from under her, but at the same time carry the touch, quite similar to the texture of the asphalt. The bottom layer and the last is made up of dielectric materials to protect photovoltaic cells from environmental conditions.

Enjoy an area of 20 square metres of those roads equipped with photovoltaic cells to generate electrical energy sufficient for the needs of one house over the course of the year, the road trial which began it China, which has a length of one kilometer, he is able to generate electric power of one million kilowatts.An hour is enough for the needs of 800 houses of electrical power throughout the year.

Broad prospects, uses an infinite

But the uses of ways of generating energy do not stop at the supply of homes in cities around the electrical power that you need, free to use, several and unlimited in its introduction at the moment all services are running on the road that need energy, such as traffic signals, signs light, traffic cameras, and other services the same way.

The uses proposed in the future, which will come from the cities of the future sustainable and completely independent in terms of energy to energy, the Engineers, the creators of the new highway in China are already working currently on the possibility to use the energy generated by the way electric car charging “wirelessly”, without the permit in more detail about this. In the case of the growth model use this already, we are becoming so close to a world completely free of stations to supply fuel, and get closer to completely eliminating the oil in the operation of Cars, allowing those ways to how does not final for electric cars that will get the energy needed to run them continuously through the road.

While it may be the new route is the experience of realism larger, but the way that I opened it up China no longer is the first of its kind in the world in any case. It was a French company called Wattway, with the contribution of the Government of the body of the road safety of the French, had registered a patent to provide similar a few years ago, I began actually since 2014 in the implementation of the experiences on the ground in many of the European cities from the Promenade for bicycles in the Netherlands, as well as a section of Highway A63 in France with a total size of 51 square metres to generate enough electricity to run the station charges on the road.

A new reality

No doubt that future cities will be more sustainable, more efficient, and less polluted, I have no doubt that we get day after day closer to becoming that city a reality. You will notice the cells of the photovoltaic energy a pivotal role in those cities, and recovery of fossil fuels, or will become used in a narrower range sooner or later. Still high cost is the principal barrier to the spread of this technology and other technologies, as the cost per square meter of roads with PV approximately 500 USD, but I am inclined to believe that this obstacle will become to demise soon.

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