How will the new services of maps “HERE” driving safer

The mapping service is open source, HERE Maps, The New Year 2018 launch a service pack a new name Here Safety Services Suite aims to reduce car accidents and make the roads around the world safer for everyone.

Maps are prepared HERE a multinational company is currently a large group of partners of the automobile production enterprises and technical and adult around the world, among them “Intel” and “NVIDIA”, and “BMW” and”Audi” and others. The company was founded originally in 1986, and worked throughout the past decades partnership between “Nokia” and “NAVTEQ – Navteq” navigation where I used Nokia Maps on its smart phones for several years.

Download new services, which will be offered for free through the platform maps HERE Open Source, a new concept to make driving safer, so that the commander of the vehicle to predict the difficulties and dangers that can be encountered on the road out in front of him moment by moment, as well as driving style and speed appropriate to the conditions and what makes it always ready, and thus decrease the incidence of accidents on the road.

Designed package service launched by the new HERE to clean the cars of the future, they are working with a traditional car, as well as self-driving cars, and is included inside the computer car by the car manufacturers. The idea on the concept of a connected Car Network to the internet, so that each car connected to the service to collect information about the way around it and send it to the Cloud Network, Unified service, and data processing that are then used by all the cars connected to the service.

The data includes collected data regarding the nature of the road, the weather conditions surrounding every part of the road, emergency and accidents on the road, dangerous turns, as well as data confidentiality, leadership style appropriate for each part of the route according to weather and road conditions and of incidents.

The system of maps HERE the processing of those data, and send it to the cars on the road instantly appear in front of the commander in the picture warnings, or reflected in the image of the alert not to exceed a certain speed, or use alternative routes, or to follow caution when cornering or using the brakes depending on the road condition in front of the car. The self-driving cars, you’ll get the same data, but in the image of executive orders used by the car to make driving it safer.

Start “BMW” in delivering the new system in its cars in Europe and North America beginning from the middle of the current year to 2018, and is expected to exceed the number of cars that carry those new services 10 million cars by 2019, to join other companies including “Mercedes” and”Audi” and other companies that carry their policies to the system itself.

Expects HERE that turns the system performance significantly and increasing the data that can make automobile tremendously whenever you joined the new policies to those services, in excess of the amount of information available to the system itself. You will get the greatest benefit of the system in my personal estimate, after becoming self-driving cars a reality in our daily lives, where you will find information and real-time competing of those cars are more capable of driving safely, it will make the possibility of rely on them effectively.

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