How would look like macOS iOS style

You like to develop a macOS? Despite the fact that annually equips Apple desktop OSes with new features that expand its capabilities more and more, her appearance hardly changed for many years. iOS due to its ease and ease on its background looks much more modern. Therefore, according to the designer of camera Adana, Apple has long needed to be redrawn making desktop OSes, and so it is not distracting from the overall style of the other platforms, to comply with the General design code. But since to adapt the interface watchOS by computers would not be too rational, his choice fell on iOS.

macOS would be cuter if it looked like iOS

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The first thing to do Apple believes Avdan is to redraw the icons of standard applications and get to do the same thing for independent developers. Here I fully agree with him. Still skeuomorphs elements in the design of the interface look too Intrusive. The impression that Apple is behind other concerns, just forgot to change the design of icons macOS. Because you do not even need to draw them from scratch, and you can just take the solutions that have found application in iOS, and a bit to adapt their desktop OS.

New design macOS

The contents of the applications themselves also need to be changed, starting with the design of Windows. They need to make the most of light, freeing them from the large number of elements, the old font and the pop-up Windows. Most of them can either be abolished or made less prominent, so that the interface looked more relaxed, but it does not hurt functionality. In the end, now all these tabs, sections and subsections appear as greetings from the past.

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macOS 11 might look like iOS. This will make it more visually lightweight and unobtrusive

Multitasking on macOS is much more perfect, than the iPadOS, but to borrow some of the features of tablet OSes will not be superfluous, decided by the designer. So he made a bet on a horizontal carousel of scrolling to view all running apps, just like on the iPad. In his opinion, it will be easier to navigate the programs running in the background. And users don’t have to shuffle Windows of open applications, if necessary, to drag a file from one to another, the designer came up with to enable Drag&Drop in the capture file.

How to change Siri

Similarity with iOS will contribute to a more rapid development of macOS for new users

Siri should pull up and teach her to be a truly useful function, and not just play music or set an alarm. It would be great if the voice assistant has learned to work with the files and was able to transfer some data from one device to another using AirDrop. In the end, the assistant must assist, making the device use more convenient, while modern while Siri performs a purely decorative function.

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Don’t know about you, but this concept is one of the few that I really like. It reflects my vision of how to develop macOS. If you look even on the latest version of the operating system, room 10.15, at first glance it becomes clear that it does not cause the feeling of something new. All these night themes, no iTunes, Yes, even ported from the iPad app look like a half-measure or if you prefer, a prelude to the truly significant changes that Apple has planned for later.

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