How you act upon featured content online

كيف تحترف بناء محتوى متميز على الانترنت
How you act upon featured content on the internet

Wrote Ayman al-Abdullah : the construction of premium content on the internet : ideas and objectives

The centre of the world welling up with millions of ideas and communication tastes, remain communicating via the internet the most important and Best Inventions of mankind maybe in the 1000 years, where you can deliver your idea or point you in the thread what the lowest possible time otherwise the largest possible number of people .

The internet even if it’s effective, they remain deaf, meaning you will remain a prisoner of what can be understood by the reader your lines from his point of view is, you don’t wave in front of him to and is based, this puts an extra burden on the author in general and the makers of content, particularly to ensure the arrival of their ideas appropriately to the target audience.

When writing content online, whether it is an opinion or drafting experience or even note passing, maybe down to the degree of training data is small, as is the case, for example, on the Twitter platform, it may be appropriate to take into account some things that make it easy for the success of the arrival of your thoughts to the reader, you don’t know the conditions that will receive information from the hand, on the other hand, you don’t know the level of his cultural and intellectual receptivity for such content, even if he was looking for .

Perhaps the salient points that you should consider to write the content of the premium content on the internet is :


Access to the largest possible audiences for your content , meaning they have to choose topics that you think it’s a concern to a large segment of the public, notice here that you’re not being forced to do this, the verb cop, in other words, if you want to reach a large segment of recipients have a well-chosen topic that interests a large sector of the recipients.

Find the creamy substance of his song to ask the point of view you don’t need more than to be the centre of people, cooperation and friction, and early on the Daily News and a no, or even the level we tried Google daily .


Don’t resort to the tone of Your Local never in writing and always write in the language of Arabic and sound, you are afraid all the people on the planet online, so don’t bother even if one person term local probably unable to digest it or understand it or absorb it thus falls to you to register tasks in the construction of meaningful content .


Linked to the previous item does not manipulate linguistic play and does not resort to elements of a commercial may evoke ridicule and abhorrence of the other, What do you think of the titles of the initiative that maybe liking the music, especially lovers of reading .


You’re on the internet the editor of all the possibilities : writer, designer, and revised and patched too. if necessary, select the images and phrases associated with his not serving your idea without stirring and without to stray from the core topic or resort to PHOTO far from the subject of the content you’ve chosen to work.


Make sure you give the reader breaks to catch our breath , breaks the content is the stop of the task lists and start a new paragraph with a new sub-heading stylish, it is very important and helps to further reading are not straining its owner.


Both keen on the rules guiding successful or achieve the amount of transparency desired, you have to refer to Pro All source choose of if a phrase or paragraph in your content, and this enriches your content and lose it, say it and weaken it .


Linguistically, make sure not to repeat one word in the same line or even the same paragraph, find the word again lead to the same meaning so as not to seem the content as a sort of Stack words without the joy of the recipient .


If I decided to open a debate on the content of the publication, it is vitally important that you reply to comments Avenue that up to you , we are going to approach the pioneers of the school (the content is sufficient and does not need to be ), on the contrary, the progress and discussed the cost with your audience, even if only one person .

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