How you can prevent Facebook from tracking everything you do?

Tracking platform (Facebook) Facebook, almost everything you do, both when using the same app or surfing the web in another place, where the help data that it collects about you in your targeting ads, helping the company to continue its growth, but it is believed understanding of the most complete what can be to prevent Facebook do and can not do to your data how to prevent Facebook from tracking you comes from the privacy policy of the company.

Where contains the privacy policy of the company on 4500 words, which are difficult for a lot of users read, but how Facebook keeps track of its users, and why this data is collected and what you can do to prevent it?

Tracking is Facebook you is not something unique, but are common practice by all applications and websites you use, where the use of Facebook information that it collects about you in many of the practices that you don’t know about, but the most common is your targeting ads, or making recommendations to particular groups, or friends of the potential, based on the information collected about you.

But what makes the Facebook platform is different from most other companies is how they track you even when you don’t use the Facebook application itself, where you think Facebook is also a tool called the (Facebook Pixels) Facebook Pixel, which is about the code project websites using it to track visitors to websites and targeted ads, it is similar for a cookie to the browser, but it’s exclusive to Facebook, for this reason when looking for a specific product on Amazon like, then log on to Facebook, often see an ad about this product that you are looking for just.

And I didn’t want to delete the app from your phone or stop using it on the web, there’s not much that you can do to prevent Facebook from tracking you altogether, however, there are some ways to reduce the information collected about you.

1. start by deleting the information provided by the:

If you want to restore some control, then you need to understand the information that you provide to Facebook, where you can access everything you do on Facebook in the page your informationwill be 18 different categories of information previously submitted which include the things that you have entered, or its campaign or shared across the region.

And you can delete all your information once, but there are some actions you can take, where you can start deleting the search history, then move on to the rest of the other categories.

2 – check your contacts the face recognition feature:

You will be given this page the contact details of the persons who have been uploading them from your phone or other devices, where you can delete the contact details that have been downloaded from this page but for real, you need to turn off the feature to download contacts automatically from your phone.

You should also check to see if the settings for facial recognition is running or not, working Facebook to scan images of your face and tell you what if you show up in a photo or video automatically, you can replace this option with the option to put tags on the pictures.

3 – turn off location tracking:

Tracks Facebook also your site, where is it mainly through your phone or tablet when the GPS function is running, so according to the settings on your phone, you can restrict the access of Facebook to your precise location when you use the applications at all times or don’t use it at all, or through the app itself.

4 – reduction of advertising techniques on Facebook:

Will give you the preferences of advertisements of the company extensive knowledge about what he knows Facebook is really about you, other than information provided by the previously, in this page you can control the sharing of your information, companies that load your contact details, and how ads are displayed to you.

5 – control over what happens outside of Facebook:

Do not collect Facebook information about what you do while using the app in the phone or the desktop version only, but collects information from web sites and other applications that you use via the internet, where applications can you use to provide Facebook data about you if you had to include the tool (Facebook Pixel).

Where remember Facebook in its privacy policy: “when you choose to use apps or web sites or other services to third-party use or integrate with our products, they can receive information about what is published or shared”.

And then if you really want to the follow Facebook you and prevent it from collecting information about you, then you need to change your behavior when browsing the web such as the use of browser privacy, such as: Brave, which prohibits cookies and tracking tools where you think the most effective way to reduce online tracking.

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