How you can recover your account Instagram hacker?

There is no doubt that the hacked accounts on social media platforms is common, so they are working on enhancing security features, which make it difficult to penetrate or steal the user’s account, previously was account recovery Instagram hacker is difficult, it has been requires you to communicate with the customer support service to the network, or request assistance from (hackers white hat) White-Hat Hackers.

In the recent years; it was the platform of Instagram is facing a big problem consists in successful attempts to seize the accounts of the users, also revealed the report of the company ESET; and a collection of Android applications designed to steal credentials for Instagram.

It should be noted that the platform Instagram have been working on the update feature authentication at the end of last year, so that it does not depend on (text messages) SMS, and does not require the phone number of the user, to send a login code.

In general, insurance accounts, Instagram is considered somewhat weak, because the app not only offers two-factor authentication through SMS text messages, which provides to reset the password, or access code, and, accordingly the company has worked on the development of safer method allows users to authenticate the binary using security applications such as: Google Authenticator, or Duo, or Authy, which establish codes to protect your own in order to log in to your account, and can be created on a different phone when the occurrence of penetration of SIM card your phone user.

During the current week; and announced the platform Instagram she is working on the launch of a number of new features, which facilitates users to regain access to compromised accounts more easily.

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Following are the steps that you should do in case your account is compromised:

  • The application of the Instagram, then go to the login page.
  • Click on the option (need more help) Need more help.
  • Enter the email address you created the account with it, and the phone number you use with your account.
  • Will send you Instagram a symbol composed of six numbers to the e-mail address, or phone number that you entered.
  • Enter this code to restore your account.

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In addition to this, the application will prevent hackers from using the code sent to you from another device and will allow you to new features account recovery, even if one of the hackers to change a user name, contact data, where will the application for insurance on the name of the user for a limited period after any changes in the account, even if I make these changes yourself.

Feature is available to secure the name of the user currently users of the operating system (Android), Android, and will gradually to users of the operating system (iOS) the iOS.

How can you talk of penetrating your account on Instagram is?

You can check your account is compromised; by displaying the record of your account activity including: the operations of login and logout, Change Password, and so on other activities, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Go to your account.
  • Open the menu (settings) Settings.
  • Click on the option (Security) Security.
  • Click on the option (access to data) Access Data.

You will see a page that contains a great deal of data about how you use your account, you can click on any category to get more information, such as: changes to the privacy of the account, the processes of logging in and out, and tags Hashtags that follow them, etc.

Check in particular changes to the privacy of the account, changes the password, the processes of logging in and out, and we encourage the story, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary it may mean that there’s someone else uses your account.

In the end; I must keep in mind that privacy and security are considered two sides of one coin, and, accordingly can help you some behaviors precautionary measures to protect the expense of Instagram on your own, which are as follows:

  • Restrict the display of personal information on social media platforms.
  • To transfer your account on Instagram from a year to a special account.
  • Secure your account with a strong password, and activate the feature (authentication) 2FA.
  • Be cautious of messages that are to obtain your credentials.
  • Prevent third-party applications access to your data.

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