How you can run mode (low power) for iPhone

How you can run mode (low power) for iPhone

One of the important advantages of the existing system or s a few years ago, is to put a Low Power Mode which preserves the battery life of your phone faith for as long as possible.

For those who don’t know these waters, this mode works to save battery life by reducing the number of operations, including bringing e-mail and update applications in the background and downloads automatic.

In the following lines I’ll explain in pictures how to activate this mode on your phone faith simply

How you can run mode (low power) for iPhone

  • First go to Settings settings

  • Secondly, choose the Control Center

Third :go to Customize Controls

  • Fourth, tap the icon sign (+) next to a Low Power Mode

  • Fifth, now at any time you want to activate the low power mode, drag the screen from the bottom of the train to the Control Center and from there tap the icon of the new battery that will appear to you.

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