How your Apple Watch will be able to detect infection with coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus has changed not only the habitual way of life of all humanity, but was forced to change the attitude towards electronics. Apple and Google figured out how using smartphones to capture users meeting with each other to control the spread of infection, and the researchers decided to teach the smart watch to identify the symptoms of the disease. But if the idea of contact tracing, generally speaking, nothing is impossible, here’s how to make a wrist gadget to diagnose the infection without additional equipment?

As the quarantine affected the sales of Apple Watch and AirPods?

It turns out, the idea of starting to use the Apple Watch for signs of coronavirus was not a scientist at Oxford University, and developers of applications for Apple Watch, called Cardiogram. It was they who first drew attention to the fact that the pulse of the person sick with the flu, increased by an average of 10 beats per minute, which is quite significant, not to pay to this fact of attention. Subsequently, said co-founder Cardiogram Johnson Hsie when the disease recedes, the heart rate returns to normal levels.

Diagnosis of coronavirus Apple Watch

Top — the pulse of a healthy person, bottom — pulse infected with influenza

Best fixation takes place at night. At this time, first, the rhythm is more stable due to the lack of physical activity, and, secondly, the body is easier to fight infection, causing the heart to beat faster for faster pumping blood. Thus, the body delivers to inflammation cells and cells that fight the virus.

Apple has told that did not plan the Apple Watch suchas it is now

However, before the developers of applications for Apple Watch will be able to run the function of diagnosing the infection, they will conduct a lot of research and tests to verify the accuracy of innovations. The fact that there are many factors that can influence the increase of heart rate at night. For example, alcohol, insomnia, nightmares, etc.

To determine infection with a high precision heart rate monitor can help pulse oximeter, or a sensor measuring the oxygen level in the blood.

Measurement of oxygen in the blood for hours

Measurement of oxygen in the blood can save people’s lives

The normal saturation level in human blood is at a level of 90%. The steady decline in this level there is hypoxia, which may progress and adversely affect the condition of the body. Today in the market there are several models of smart watches, which are able to carry out measurements of oxygen levels in the blood. Apple Watch can also, but only technically. But practically no, because the sensor they are disabled.

By the way, this is the same sensor that measures pulse. Just in the measurement mode oxygen it shines through the skin and roughly scans the hemoglobin, which carries oxygen. What these cells are redder, the more they are saturated with oxygen, and Vice versa. So if Apple decides to activate the pulse oximeter, the Apple Watch might actually be able to identify the signs of infection with coronavirus.

Apple wants the Apple Watch have started to save more lives. As she does so

It seems that too little input data to diagnose, isn’t it? The solution proposed by the researchers of the group of Scripps Research. They decided to teach smart watches including Apple Watch, to identify the cough. If I understand correctly, they propose to use the accelerometer and gyroscope, which will be in passive mode locking shocking body characteristic cough, analyze them using artificial intelligence and to cut off random and false positives.

Smart watches and body temperature

High temperature is not always a sign of infection COVID-19

In this sense, the watch can be even more preferred diagnostic tool. After all, fever in patients with coronavirus is manifested not always and not immediately. And the increase in heart rate when infection occurs almost immediately when the body detects a foreign invasion and starts fighting.

What diseases reveal of the Apple Watch, or they are better Than medical equipment

However, there is another problem. Hypoxia, which in the case of coronavirus infection is a kind of litmus test, can hardly be used for diagnosis of other diseases. After all, for many of the infections are not accompanied by a decrease in the level of oxygen, and hence to identify them will be much more difficult. Therefore, if the Apple Watch and will get the support of the function determine the disease, only one – COVID-19 that, in my opinion, looks like something irrational, given that in a few years it can mutate and change beyond recognition.

It turns out that to focus only on coronavirus or any other virus is at least strange, given their variability. But this does not mean that the diagnostic function as such useless. Just to watch you be obliged to determine symptoms of infection, but leave diagnosis to the doctors. It would be safer. However, how to avoid false hits – the big question.

The Apple Watch may become the ultimate tool for the diagnosis of the disease

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