How your smartphone makes you gain weight and what to do with it

Smartphones no doubt are very useful devices that have many features to simplify the multitude of daily tasks. This is not to deny the fact that everything is good in moderation and if you literally never part with his beloved gadget, you can get more harm than good. And we are not talking about the possible impact of smartphone screen on the organ of vision, or even very controversial radiation exposure of the modem on the internal organs. Your smartphone could be a cause of excess weight. But how?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. The fact that smartphones cause a loss of attention, distraction of man from something and focus on what is happening on the display. Moreover, the form of consumed information is absolutely not important, whether it be news, TV shows, podcasts or cat videos. And there is nothing wrong, but a lot of people use a smartphone at the time when they consume food.

A study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior showed that people who eat while using their smartphone, consume a lot more calories than those who did not. The average “gap” amounted to 535 calories, which is nearly the same as is contained in one Burger with two meat patties grill from the infamous fast food places. And if you take into account the fact that the average man requires about 2500 calories per day, then this “bonus” could easily lead to excess.

By the way, similar surveys were conducted in relation to TVs, PCs and gaming systems, and in all cases the dispersion of attention is connected with the increase in the number of calories consumed.

What can we do?

Everything is also quite simple and our “enemy” can easily turn into an ally. Already today, most smart devices there are many apps to track your activity and nutrition. There are apps that require additional accessories (like bracelets or smart watches), but there are those that will need only one smartphone. Let’s look at some of them, but the outset: Apple Health, we do not take into account, as the most obvious option. It has a lot of advantages, but is limited to only one platform.

This app tracks your activity, nutrition, stress levels, heart rate and sleep. Being a journal with your successes (or failures) to monitor progress. You can set goals, sync to wearable devices, smart devices and other applications associated with health.
Though the development and is Samsung, app is available in Google Play Store and App Store.

The platform offers a whole heap of apps and services to track health indicators. The app and website help you track your diet and exercise to determine your personal optimal level of consumption of calories to achieve the goals that you set. App, like check-in, free. You will get access to all major functions. However, there is a paid premium subscription, offering master classes and extra features.

In addition to this platform there are plenty of trackers to track your activity like Fitbit or Garmin Connect for running, apps for navigation, pedometer and even programs, learning to ride a Bicycle.

And in the app store you will find not a few similar programs with even more interesting features. Ultimately the choice is yours: all my free time to “get stuck” in the phone, or at least half an hour a day to devote to their health. But we would advise the latter.

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