HP add wood to a series of computers, HP Envy laptops new


Often be laptop computers own made of plastic or aluminum. There are several reasons for this, such as affordability, time, as well as the dissipation of heat. However, if you are of people who don’t mind using more of the materials in the laptops, there is good news from HP.

In fact, I HP has recently reveal a new range of laptops are part of a series HP Envy Series offer consumers the option to get them with some items made of wood. It should be noted that the laptop won’t be made entirely of wood, but it will contain a layer of wooden.

According to HP, you’ll be computers, HP laptops New available two types of wood. It adds HP it’s due to the nature of wood, it means that the texture of the wood will be different due to differences in wood grains. We must recognize that the use of wood with the structure of a color gloomy lends a kind of luxury to the laptop.

When it comes to technical specifications, you’ll be computers, HP Envy Series of new customizable so that you can get them with Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen, also with cards graphics AMD Radeon Vega. Not after the launch of these laptops, but is scheduled to happen in the autumn of this year. It is also expected to disclose prices when approaching the launch date.


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