HP unveils Chromebox G2 with processor Kaby Lake

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Announced HP’s latest Chromebook is the HP Chromebox G2, where the order comes after several years of the issuance of the company’s latest Chromebooks in 2014, has been announced along with a presentation of two new Chromebooks from HP.

It is estimated that the available device new Chromebox G2 in a number of assemblies that contain Intel processors of all generations of Kaby Lake, kaby Lake Refresh new in addition to a variety of capacity of internal storage in addition to memory random.

Will be selling the device in units containing Intel Celeron 3865U, Intel Core i5-7300U and Intel Core i7-8650U, where the device has Celeron 3865U on-chip GPUs, the Intel HD Graphics 610, while the Core i5-7300U and Core i7-8650U will walls graphics processing unit UHD Graphics 620.

Of course the Intel Core i7-8650U is likely to offer better performance than the Core i5-7300U and Celeron 3865U, where due to that the Core i7-8650U is of the second generation (Kaby Lake) new, while two of the other offers is from generation 7 of the processors Kaby Lake.

Also will come with several areas, including three USB 3.0 type-A port, 3.5 mm special headphone two USB 2.0 type-A, and of type-C, ethernet port, HDMI cable as announced on the company website.

While the rest of the specifications of the HP Chromebox G2 as reported by the company as follows:

Random memory: 16 Giga bytes are placed in the two slots for the memory, users can also choose between the 32 GB or 64 GB of modules M. 2 SSD for storage, while the Machine weight 670 grams compared to 14.94 x 14.93 x 4cm.

While it will be charging your HP Chromebox G2 from the external adapter strongly 56 watts or 90 watts, but in terms of color, there will be multiple choices of colors but it will be released only in black, and even now there is no confirmed information in terms of pricing, knowing that the manufacturer had confirmed earlier that it will offer the device at a rate of CES 2018, but the device will begin shipping around the time of April next.


This topic HP unveils Chromebox G2 with processor Kaby Lake appeared on Engadget.

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