HP unveils computer the back the new to offer virtual reality in the conference Computex

The company announced the HP during the Computex computer the back the new technology supports virtual reality, as revealed a new version of the laptops that supports the user’s age charge up to a full day each time charging.

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Use computers possible to design a portable on the back in competition in the markets in the coming period, where it unveiled the HP on the new version of this class comes to the design and features of the new.

I have provided the HP by 2017 issued six of these devices, which targeted the field of work and games technology virtual reality, and today HP offers device computer VR backpack new, targeted field work in particular, supports a system of virtual reality redesigned recently from HP.

Confirm the HP on that new version comes a performance of stronger by 30% from the previous version in run applications of virtual reality, also offers this design feature freedom of movement in the vicinity of the user with the technology of virtual reality, also supports this version to use in the style of the desktop computer also.

I have أوضحتHP vision of the future of this category of laptops, with the HP to the possibility of the use of this version in the training of staff, or architects, as the case interactive experience featured trying to work on the ground.

Recall that HP did not provide complete details about the specifications of the case and its price along with the date of availability in markets, however, the design of this year’s Edition comes seamless experience in switching the battery and install the device again.

HP also made day two of the devices EliteBook x360 possible new design and excited, where it all comes from 1030 G4 و1040 G6 design of aluminum, to support the design of stronger, lighter weight, also comes all the computerized model supports communication networks 4G LTE, to the side of the screen reaches a brightness of 1000 nit.

Also make the HP PC EliteBook x360 1040 features more in some models, where the model comes with a screen 1W, to support the continuation of shipping on the device until a full day at a time from the shipping, also comes in another model of keyboard is designed to support the user in the ocean of busy work without making a sound annoying to those around.

HP also revealed the device Elite x2 G4 convertible 2-in-1 which comes detachable keyboard, and the weight of the device to 1.2 kg, it also comes slimmer than the previous version by 51%.


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