HP unveils new version of design the Wooden for Envy in the conference Computex

Revealed HP about new versions of laptops Envy during the events of the conference Computex the year 2019, where HP offers this year to choose the design of the distinctive wooden devices.

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Move the HP on the launch of versions of distinctive design, funky computer hardware, where it made during the financial period your Spectre Folio design Leather Special, and today back in new versions of hardware Envy with the model features the design of wooden.

It is estimated that this choice depends the new design in the versions of HP in both the Envy 13 and Envy x360 13, the وEnvy x360 15 to by version the larger Envy 17, come the new versions of the devices Envy better between Intel processors, or the third generation of processors Ryzen.

Are available new versions of the devices Envy HP choices also in Colors, where it will be available to see choices in black with wooden design in Brown, also provide HP model in white, another model in silver.

Also besides the update hardware configurations, the new Envy notebook HP offers also the feature to open the screen to Wake On reading the footprint, as come devices assistant Alexa-ROM.


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