HTC — all? The company ceases production of smartphones

The Taiwanese company HTC is planning to stop producing smartphones themselves, with the support of the Assembly partners. About reports phoneArena , citing a reliable source familiar with the situation. Most likely, deciding to take this step, the vendor is expected to reduce costs and stay afloat for a little while.

HTC first smartphone assembled in the factory third party will be U12 Life, said the source, phoneArena, without revealing, however, information that would take on this responsibility.

Apple and HTC — birds of a feather

Despite the fact that HTC stops the Assembly operation, the company will continue to develop smartphones. Manufacturing outsourcing is a standard practice for electronics market, allowing even large companies like Apple don’t care about regular hardware upgrades and maintenance of hundreds of thousands of workers.

HTC U12 Life

As for the HTC U12 Life, the smartphone is clearly not created to amaze. The model will be passing a 6-inch screen, not the most capacious battery 3600 mAh and double the camera resolution 16 and 5 MP for each module respectively. But worst of all, HTC decided to release a new product based on outdated Android version 8.1, being able to adapt it for Android P.

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