HTC announced its first in 2019 smartphone, but you are unlikely to enjoy

Lately there were many rumors that the once popular HTC brand is withdrawing from the smartphone market, but to refute them recently on the popular website Geekbench is a synthetic test was discovered a new model of the middle class. And Yes, this smartphone from HTC, which is expected to be submitted in the second half of this year, will support 5G network. In addition, a long silence HTC in social networks was recently broken by several new tweets, including one stating, when three existing models, the company will receive an upgrade to Android 9.

The latest smartphone released by HTC, was Exodus 1, the device that supports the blockchain and the possibility of investing in cryptocurrency. Today htcĂ­s Executive Director, who directs all of cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives of the company and who previously worked on the VR helmet Vive, Phil Chen (Phil Chen) has announced (according to the material of the publication Mashable) that next quarter they will release a version of the smartphone at a lower price, which will be called Exodus 1s. HTC says that it will be “more anorientation version” than the original, and would cost 250 to 300 dollars compared to 699 dollars, which is a model of Exodus 1. The specifications of the phone and other information will be published later.

The so-called blockchain is used to store transactions cryptocurrencies. Each new transaction adds a new block to the chain. Composed of blocks of encoded information, including data on transactions recorded in the previous block, a time stamp, and data relating to the new transaction. It is considered tamper-resistant because a change to one unit will require changes in all the blocks, and this requires the approval of everyone else who uses that network.

Exodus 1s will also have a full bitcoin node, not available in Exodus 1. The presence of this function means that not only the full transaction history will be available directly from the phone, but users will also be able to send your bitcoin transaction to the network without using their secure wallet. Given that the weight of the whole chain of blocks exceeds 200 GB, HTC says it will use a special compression technique that reduces overall weight up to 10 GB, to synchronize with it. Nevertheless, Chen says the Exodus 1s users prefer to use Wi-Fi. For those who want to see the full bitcoin chain, you will have to carry an extra microSD memory card.

HTC Exodus 1 and Exodus 1s can store cryptocurrency, but can’t get it

Both models include Zion Exodus, secure private storage, which allows users to make cryptocurrency transactions and to store, send, and receive bitcoins, esters, litecoin, certain tokens ERC-20 ERC-721. Reliable interface Zion allows you to make transactions using the cryptocurrency, not worrying about malware in the Android steal your personal information.

Although Exodus and useful device for the secure storage and transaction processing with your cryptocurrency, you will not be able to mine virtual currency with the help of these smartphones. In fact, it is a process that requires the use of specialized and powerful computers, and the first “miner”, which will solve the so-called equation will be rewarded with a certain amount of cryptocurrency. The processing power needed for this process are much higher than can give any modern smartphone.

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