HTC announces the first phone report of the block Qi in the world

Announced the Taiwanese company HTC it is working on the development of new Android phone featuring the techniques of block Qi, will have the name of Exodus Exodus, and will enhance the portfolio comprehensive enables users to reserve their statements and their currencies digital world and on the device itself using the gear of the safe will increase.

The market was in need of a smart phone dedicated to owners of digital currencies, so that they can manage their portfolio of digital currencies, especially with the difficult significant of these currencies in recent months and the growing demand for them.

Featuring HTC’s new gear and special techniques to support what is known encrypted block Qi Blockchain, the technology that forms the basis of digital currencies such as bitcoin item, where a record of data allows the exchange of safe for the material value, like money, stocks, or rights of access to data and other.

Said HTC the Exodus will support the application of decentralization, which works on the Android operating system and has a global portfolio of storage of digital currencies, the company says that each phone will work on the node blockchain, which is part of the network that helps to guarantee the security of systems blockchain.

There is no information regarding price or date of availability of the phone yet, but the company has provided a link for those wishing to book the device in its official website, said she’d be back in the next few months for many partnerships, the stunts. The following graphics reveal the repositioning of the internal blocks of the device.

It is worth mentioning that, HTC is not the first to think in the version of the phone running block Qi, it is expected to be issued by the company Sirin Labs in collaboration with Foxconn factories in October of this year a smartphone with this technology.

However, still want to see what they can offer these phones improve the experience of users of digital currencies and applications of decentralization, which connects directly with the servers.

It is expected that smart phones are provided with block Qi the best experience of safety for the user through the integrated storage portfolio to work in the phone instead of cloud services, and enable direct trading fast with others directly from the phone itself.

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