HTC asserts that she began to develop her smart phone the second that is based on the technology block

HTC Exodus

HTC haven’t made a lot of smart phones these days, but the company already made the first smart phone based on the technology block which was launched last year under the name of HTC Exodus. And now, revealed to us the Taiwanese company it is working on the successor of this phone, which is supposed to be released later this year.

The phone was the HTC Exodus is mainly based on the phone +the HTC U12, he’s got the same design and the same technical specifications, but it got to hardware additional software additional. It was said that the phone HTC Exodus is considered a good option for those who want to use apps digital currencies. It was also possible to store Bitcoin and digital encrypted other on the same device.

According to a report from Taiwan, it appears that the Executive Officer of adult in the company of HTC, Mr. Phil Chen said that the sales of HTC phone Exodus was as much as the expectations of the company. Obviously, that may mean different things because the company HTC did not reveal the number of units sold this phone in the first place.

As Mr. Phil Chen, that the second phone from the company HTC, which is based on the technology block will be released in the second half of this year. It is not clear what is a smart phone will help you have the successor HTC Exodus because the company HTC does not have the successor of the phone +the HTC U12 in the market until now. Thus, this leaves the door open to the possibility that the company HTC is developing the successor of the HTC Exodus from scratch.

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