HTC cancel HTC phone U13 and launch something else different

According to a new report it seems that the U series of phones flagship from the company HTC has ended, if you are a fan of phones the Taiwanese company you should wait for the flagship phone killer different name as the report indicates.

Adds the report to the financial conditions of the company may be one of the reasons, but certainly fans of the company have to wait another product different will be marketed in a different way in the name of New too, where it is expected that the company starts the year 2019 announcement that the telephone medium is marketed on that phone key.

The company had changed the name of the flagship phone from the One to the U two years ago in the case of the name was changed in 2019 this will be the third name phone major through the four years.

On the other hand, analysts expect that the company is equipped to launch the phone real pioneer screen on the entire facade in addition to the fingerprint inside the screen and all the advantages of the rolling stock currently so the company plans to launch a massive various to aggressively enter the competition again.


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