HTC decides to get out of the smartphone market in India due to weak demand for its devices

HTC U12+ 9987

According to a new report recently released from the newspaper Economic Times, it seems that the Taiwanese company HTC intends to get out of the smartphone market in India. It has many of the top officials in the company, including the Chairman of the company’s branch in the country, the head of sales, head of product submission of papers submit their resignations to the management company.

As requested from many of the other employees in the company adventure. The company currently suspend all agreements signed with knowledge that it has already made to cease the manufacture of smart phones locally almost a year ago. Will continue company HTC in the management of the Department of virtual reality of its own and responsible for the sales of the helmet, the HTC Vive and the HTC Vive Pro, but will manage the sales directly from Taiwan.

Said one of the executives in the company that HTC might consider the possibility of selling its smart phones in the country through the internet only at a later time, but now decided to get out of the market. A police spokesman said that HTC will continue to sell smartphones at the moment, most likely until we run out of available stock in the country.

As is the case in other markets, the company HTC is struggling in India. Published Taiwanese brand significantly in the high-end smartphones, a sector dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple. Recently, increased uptake strongly on smartphones the new low-cost Chinese manufacturers. This means that the company HTC was having in the leading smartphones in the smartphone sector low-cost also. Thus, it is no wonder that the company has less than 1% of the total share of the smartphone market in India, especially if we know it’s the pricing of its smart phones at prices much higher than Chinese companies.



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