HTC Exodus 1s phone will be low and the adjustment will be based on the technology of block

HTC Exodus

The company stressed that HTC already that it will launch another smartphone based on the technology block a succession of phone HTC Exodus 1 current. The company revealed now for some additional information about this phone. Initially, the company unveiled that the phone will carry the name HTC Exodus 1s, and will to the market as a cheaper version of the phone HTC Exodus 1 Current, which was launched last year.

Said a spokesman for the company to Engadget that the release of the phone HTC Exodus 1s by the end of the second quarter of this year. Expected that the cost range is between 250$ and 300$. There is currently a lot of information about the specifications of the phone and its features at the moment, but confirmed to us by HTC that the device will all the features expected of it.

What this means is that the phone HTC Exodus 1s will be able to work as one of the points the group that established the character of the transactions on the block live bitcoin although it will not be able to mining any digital currency myself.

However, tell the chief of staff of the decentralization in the company of HTC, Mr. Phil Chen, writer that the company will work with partners to ” provide solutions to do that. “ Will the new phone to support the development of the wallet for HTC Zion Wallet which can be used to send multiple currency requested, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin and Etherieum and other digital currencies that are based on the latter.

The company will be the HTC from phone specifications date of issuance in the not too distant future given that just a few months is that separates us from the third quarter of this year.


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