HTC Exodus is a new smartphone from the company HTC is based on the technology block


Digital currency is a very important thing in our time, so much so that we’re starting to see many of the companies leading technical intervention to this area. Take for example a company Facebook, which according to the latest rumors may be working on the development of your own digital currency. It now seems that HTC want to take advantage of this technology also, since it is the suspense for the coming of a new smartphone called the HTC Exodus.

Now, why is the launch of the phone itself yet, we are not sure when it will be launched, but if it alludes to something, he alludes to the company’s plans HTC or interest in this technology. Don’t kill the idea of this smartphone on Mining the digital currency itself, but will also serve as a network block live local can be used to facilitate the trading of the digital currency among users of the phone.

Leadership is the process of developing phone HTC Exodus by Mr. Phil Chen is the same person who was behind the creation of the helmet HTC Vive VR. According to Mr. Phil Chen, has stated by saying : ” by the phone HTC Exodus, we are excited to support basic protocols like Bitcoin and Lightning Networks and Ethereum and Dfinity, and more. We would like to support the system block whole, and in the next few months we will announce many partnerships with erotic “.

It remains to be seen whether there will be demand for such a device, but HTC is certainly not the first who thought about creating such a device. In the case if you remember, the company Sirin Labs in recent years only detects her smart phone, which is based in turn on the technology block, this phone carries the name Finney will be in the month of October this year priced at$999.


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