HTC hopes to get out of its crisis with the appointment of a new executive director

The company announced the HTC Taiwan announced the appointment of a new executive director today to substitute the executive director of the former company refers to Wang.

شركة HTC تأمل بالخروج من أزمتها مع تعيين مدير تنفيذي جديدHTC hopes to get out of its crisis with the appointment of a new executive director

Said HTC in a press release today that it has hired the center maitre, former director of the company in the Orange world, to be a new executive director is not a succession of point, Wang held the post since 2015. The company hopes this step out of the cycle of conflict and loss, and the successive and try to make a new addition in the development of the techniques and the processes of the fifth generation mainly in the coming period.

The company was Taiwan’s most successful global companies phones, but it didn’t take much before it starts to drop big over the past years.

The last year exploitation of the Department of development of smart phones for Google, to officially of this difficult market recently.

To turn then to develop virtual reality devices, augmented reality, mainly, which will help you with the development of technology products the fifth generation.

He said the new executive director, in focus what forum, that his company will be building consumer products to users around the world, to the development of additional services with the products it develops, so as to extract the best of it and provide a better experience for users.

Referred to HTC system development of Vive Reality one of the most famous companies in the field, which is expected to continue it the next period.


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