HTC introduces system by VIVE Pro for pre-booking at a price of 799 $


The company revealed the HTC for system a VR new affiliate VIVE Pro which already announced during the events of the CES conference that took place this year, allowing the company system actually already new for the race compared to $ 799, to be shipped to users by April 5.

According to the published position of fonearena India, includes system VIVE Pro OLED screen resolution 2880×bus, in addition to providing sharper images and a better sound through the headphones new compact voice is three-dimensional and feature noise isolation, and also possesses a new belt has been redesigned to be more comfortable on the user’s head, where it was designed to give the weight of the glasses evenly around the head.

The new glasses also cameras the sensor depth in the front, but it is not yet known the purpose of them, as well as the new glasses that can work with the controls Vive and the main unit for tracking at the level of the room, with the support of the track the Steamer version 1.0 and 2.0, and in the case of buying glasses before June 3, users get 6 months of entering the me to follow up the application of Viveport.

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