HTC is preparing to launch a version of the Exodus 1s phone its the building on the technique of block Qi at a discounted price

Announced Taiwan’s HTC for its work on the launch of a new version of the phone by building on the technology block Qi on behalf of the Exodus 1s at a lower price than the previous phone, which was carrying the name of Exodus 1 and previously provided a purchase using the digital currency encrypted before it changed its decision by 3 months.

Was HTC come for years in the smartphone market after a strong period lived by the beginning of the era of the Android system, so I decided to enter differently in the market by way of phones based on the technology block Qi which see where the future of smart phones, especially with the spread of technology is widely globally, especially business apps and encrypted digital.

But it seems that the phone launched by the company in advance didn’t get a lot of demand which justifies open the purchase work regular during the last period and then work on another phone of less price as the Exodus 1s.

Did not know HTC any details about the device currently but are likely to price ranges between 250$-300$ depending on the speaker to Engadget, will be revealing the device at the end of the third quarter of the current year means that we will be in front of the leaks many later about the details and specifications of the device.

According to the company, the phone will “point” to the edges of the currency of the bitcoin but it will not be able to mining the digital currency myself. So that the portfolio composition of the current with a size of 200 GB, but the company will make a smaller copy of them to maintain the infrastructure and certainly to dispense with some additions.

It is worth mentioning that the HTC phone the first building on the technique of block Qi contains two memory for internal storage one dedicated system block Qi and the other for the operating system in order to raise the protection device.

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