HTC is seeking to develop a system of portable reality by default with a magnetic shell phones

Appears from the file of a patent that the car will offer an experience similar with the Cardboard from Google, but the simplest.

After the performance shrinking in the smartphone sector, which has been in last September to sell part of it to buy Google for 1.1 billion USD, in view of the success of the system of the HTC Vive before that, about company HTC in the recent years their focus to virtual reality.

In the framework of this new orientation of the Taiwanese company, showed a file published by the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark USPTO that HTC intends to develop a system of portable virtual reality with a casing to protect a magnetic phone.

The patent describes “a system of lenses and” consists of two parts, the first is the cover of the protect the goal of hosting a smart phone and on the back cover, magnetic plate, the other part, the understanding of the lens and two adjustable two folding can be linked magnetically to the cover.

Once you remove the phone from the cover, can be folded organization to look like a system of virtual reality a small phone screen, is expected to submit experience of something like a Cardboard of Google, as placed the phone inside and user catch for share virtual reality content on the phone.

In the framework of the focus on the field of virtual reality, too, was supposed to launch the HTC system of virtual reality independent platform supports the Daydream of Google+, but decided to cancel, but they recently announced the second generation of the system of virtual reality affiliate, which was launched under the name Vive Pro.

What do you think about performance of HTC in the market of virtual reality? Do you think they will achieve the success that compensates its losses in the smartphone sector?


Source: HTC is seeking to develop a system of portable reality by default with a casing magnetic for phones

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