HTC know about the system of virtual reality updated Vive Focus Plus

إتش تي سي تعلن عن نظارة الوقع الافتراضي المحدثة Vive Focus Plus

The company announced the HTC about the updated version of the system time of the default Vive Focus on behalf of Vive Focus Plus where are these stand-alone and does not need to connect to a computer or smartphone to work and do tasks, as they have today. his arm movement are supported support wide field for the movement in six degrees, which allows you wide user around the same without a specific location.

And enjoy the Vive Focus Plus similar specifications to its version of the former they are working with a processor Snapdragon 835 with AMOLED screen accurately display the 3K, as its support for the Freeplay that allows an excellent experience for the user in accordance with the control arms, you can download the new content on the glasses in addition to the comments directly through the app store VivePort.

Speaking about the market of virtual reality glasses individual see that Oculus Quest of Facebook which will see the light in early spring will be in direct confrontation with the system of the HTC being the other enjoys similar specifications but Facebook promised to develop a system enjoying the to track the movement of a wide the user with the integration of virtual reality technologies to operate in a wide area.

Is expected to launch the HTC Vive Focus Plus in the period between April and June to availability initially for customers in the field of business and then provided worldwide in approximately 25 countries, as for the price they are still unknown for a moment of reference to be announced prior to the official launch in the markets.

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