HTC may soon go out of the smartphone market in China due to strong competition

HTC U12+ ---

Still partition size smartphone company HTC is not clear, especially after the Taiwanese company to sell a large part of the team which oversees the design and development of its smart phones to buy Google, and instead focus more heavily on the efforts of virtual reality. In July of last year, the company decided to HTC out of smartphone market in India, has been doing the same thing in China soon.

According to a new report released recently, no longer HTC devices for sale on e-shops of Chinese adult-like and Tmall. Says the official account HTC Corporation on social network Sino Weibo that this came after careful study of the strategy for the company’s long-term business in the Chinese market. In the meantime, still HTC sells smartphones through the store by the official as well as through the store VIVE actual in the city of Shenzhen China. However, some previous devices of the company like HTC U11 +HTC U11 are no longer available for purchase, so it may not be long before the company expects the final from the sale of its smart phones in China.

Although not confirmed yet, but it may be the first step of the company’s plan to exit entirely from the smartphone market in China. Company is working HTC on reducing the size of its operations relating to smartphones clearly. Can deduce the number of new smartphones that the company launched since the beginning of this year, the delay in the update version Android 9 Pie the identity of its smart current. Moreover, they become available in a limited way in some places.

However, this does not mean that the company HTC be entirely from the smartphone market, they are confirmed to us only last week it is working on the successor phone HTC Exodus 1, which is based on the technology block, and we heard they are also working on a smartphone called 5G will be selling it in North America, Europe and Australia soon.


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