HTC Put phone its Desire 12, HTC Desire 12+ in Saudi Arabia

HTC Desire is back

HTC Desire is back

Got phones the Taiwanese company HTC new to Saudi Arabia where they will be available phone Desire 12 starting today for the price of 729 real, while will be the other tail specifications top HTC Desire 12+ during the first week of next may at a price 899 SAR.

And HTC show gets under his clients Saudi Arabia a bunch of free accessories I have bought one of the phones from stores and sell selected, as these accessories cover the protection of the police, back cover-transparent.

Following the successful series of phones HTC U11 with the design of the glass surface of the liquid Smasher, came phone HTC Desire 12, HTC Desire 12+ back cover with acrylic glass with the appearance of the flowchart.

This is the HTC Desire 12 screen size of 5.5 inch and the HTC Desire 12+ with a screen size of 6 inches, users the advantages are similar to the hand designs the screen, both phones have screen with the edges of the slender, extended on both ends of the phone, and after 18:9.

It also comes two phones in distinct colors that include black and silver, while the company plans to later offer a golden color, unprecedented in phones for HTC smart.

Come every style from HTC Desire 12 three schools segments contact SIM cards, additional storage

Supplied police call her with a camera background accurately 13 megapixel, which will enable the user to capture sharper images and brightness, as well as their support of the report of the auto-focus of the image, which enables the user to obtain clear images and with details of a minute during fast motion.

Company was also to provide her phone for HTC Desire 12+ camera seconds, to become a camera mobile phone Double. Will this phone impress a lot of photography lovers professional, especially with the inclusion of a number of effects such as the effect of Booker “bokeh effects”.

And artificial intelligence both are equipped with the best of what got the company in this regard and best smartphone HTC Sense Companion. Which works on the principle of learning from its user, it is within the capabilities of artificial intelligence makes the handset all the more easy with intelligent alerts that respond intelligently to all occasions and events in the calendar, saving energy that reminds you charge your phone before leaving the house, and improvements to performance, remove junk files and provide additional space.

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