HTC released the first smartphone on the blockchain. You can buy only cryptocurrency

HTC is still trying to fight for a place in the market. Now the company has decided to climb on the hype and released a blockchain smartphone. Remarkably, you can buy it only for BTC or ETH. Model Exodus 1 integrated with bloccano and is equipped with a cryptocurrency wallet. About the model was known in may, but announced only on the eve of the Exodus 1. The first deliveries are expected in December.

HTC sells smartphone with bitcoin crypto

The cost of the device is 0.15 BTC or 4,78 ETH, which is equivalent to 960 dollars. The company decided to sell this model only cryptocurrency in the first place to reach target audience. That is to give a tool to those who understand, for what he’s done.

Head of the Department for decentralization in HTC Phil Chen notes that if we want to achieve the distribution of decentralized applications and digital assets, mobile devices should be a priority.

In Exodus 1 integrated cryptocurrency wallet Zion, the development of which was engaged by the company HTC. To coin users remained safe, the wallet will work in a protected section of the chip separately from the Android OS. He drew particular attention to isolation from the OS, because the OS is not known for reliability.

On CNBC quoted a comment by Chen on why HTC has taken this step. Digital assets and currencies are gaining more and more popularity. Along with this, a growing number of thefts and break-ins. As the main security aspect of cryptocurrencies lies in careful storage for private keys, HTC decided to provide a native storage in a new Exodus 1.

Of course, this is primarily a cryptocurrency wallet. But it also need to be considered as secure storage for private keys.

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