HTC reveal a system of virtual reality leading Vive Pro

Away from the financial crisis is suffocating the lower sales of smart phones, enabling the company HTC building the name of the solid in the market of new and promising: virtual reality, where the company owns the system HTC Vive that he sees a lot better in this area. Now within the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, the company will continue with the sport through the detection system of the HTC Vive Pro enhanced a number of new techniques and improvements on shape and design.

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Doesn’t seem that there are current plans by the Taiwanese company to detect any smart phone, especially it didn’t pass long to launch a phone of its flagship HTC U11 Plus. On the other hand, however, exceeded the age of the system of the HTC Vive years (design original) The time has come to launch a new generation which would provide experience of the use of much better compared to the first generation, especially since the company already revealed a system of Vive Focus that work separately and without the need to connect with any hardware (smart phone or computer).

The first things that must be observed in the New is format: the HTC add the headset side built-in system control as well as to provide the glasses with a piece of plastic on its rear which allows adjustment of its size to suit the size of the user’s head so as to provide a comfortable high.

The second things that has been reinforced is the two screens of the interior of the two systems which have been manufactured using OLED technology and thoroughly the Faculty of 2880×1600 pixels, which provides improvement in accuracy by 78% compared to the previous generation of the car. Since the provision of a unique sound is one of the things that famous Taiwanese company, they did not forget the development of this aspect in the system by the New: the strengthening of the headphones with the audio output of high-purity Hi-Fi Audio with supplied microphone is capable of noise insulation and Noise Cancellation. Finally, in order to provide the top clarity and show the possible, the HTC by adding two cameras, Dual front speakers of the system.

In general, the HTC added improvements to different aspects of experience to use making it more integrated compared with the first generation and will contribute to providing the ultimate experience in virtual reality fun and rich in fine details and high definition. It should be recalled that the system of the Vive Pro is not the independent type, this means that they do not possess the hardware computer of its own, but must link with a computer outside which in turn stops the processing of information and data coming from the glasses, and here it must be noted that it is preferably of computers with graphic performance high.

In the same context, within the framework of the developments that have been made to improve the experience of use as a whole, the HTC launched the device Vive Wireless Adapter which provides a link to the glasses with the case in wireless, which is excellent because the primary way to connect the glasses with the case is through long wires, which restrict the movement of the user during use. The HTC made the new forum, depending on the Intel WiGig, which allows wireless data transfer at speeds of rank Gbit/s, and wonderful that the new device is compatible with the first generation of the car. Will be put your Vive Wireless Adapter during the second quarter of the current year.

With regard to the service, the HTC two things are important: the first is the re-design of the store Viveport, where he was to abandon his design of the old temples on the information display two-dimensional and the provision of a new design depends entirely on virtual reality three-dimensional, the company has also updated the browser video for Vive Video Player and make it integrated with the platform to display videos Vimeo to facilitate the presentation of virtual reality content available including.

I didn’t reveal the HTC for any definite information about the potential price of the system new or a Vive Wireless Apdater, the company will begin by providing the start of the current quarter to the users but in limited, where you will start with users who have already suggested a system of the HTC Vive, which confirmed HTC it will continue to sell during the current year also.

What do you think of the theory of the HTC Vive Pro new? Have you ever tried one of the glasses virtual reality? What do you think? Share with us your experience in the comments.


Source: HTC to reveal about the system of virtual reality leading Vive Pro

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