HTC reveal additional details about the phone block, HTC Exodus

HTC U12+ 9987

This is not the first time that we hear about phone block coming from HTC Corporation, also known as the HTC Exodus note that it should not be confused with work portfolio of digital Exodus. Today in a formal announcement, the company says that we can expect the release of this phone in this fall will be ” the first phone wallet cool with open recovery “.

There are still a lot of information is available, but there is a website you can register to receive the latest news regarding this project. However, because it is a product based on the technology block, we can assume some of its features unique. You should be able to store your data encrypted on the device instead of the cloud as well as storing your wealth encrypted with granting you the ability to control the keys to your own. We can also see to the application of decentralization and for the comments.

And speaking of applications, HTC is working closely with the developers of the so-called game Cryptokitties. It is fully dependent on the technology block and allow you to generate the sector unique and the collection and trafficking. I have created two companies with an app that helps in securing your data and control, an app that will come ” very soon“, and that before the arrival of phone HTC Exodus. Will be supplied to a number of HTC devices other starting from the flagship phone for the year, and of course, phone +HTC U12.

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