HTC reveals more details about the helmet virtual reality HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos

The company announced the HTC about the helmet virtual reality HTC Vive Cosmos VR during the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019, which was held in late February, but it didn’t provide little details on this helmet so far. However, the company decided now to disclose some additional details about this helmet through a tweet on a new Twitter network.

At the outset, made clear to us by HTC that the helmet HTC Vive Cosmos you will get tremendous increase of 88 percent over the level of precision compared with a helmet HTC Vive original, and therefore this means that the LCD screens used in helmet HTC Vive Cosmos new has accurately 2280×1700 pixels.

Regardless of Accuracy, This is the new helmet also contains six cameras to improve tracking, which includes the elements of the control chain and experience at the level of the room. It was also the design of the face plate core in the new helmet so that it can be altered in the future if necessary. Moreover, the thighs of the HTC Vive, Cosmos will also provide users improved working environment.

Will keep you styling front ventilated new more cooler than before and will allow you to design front removable rotation out of the experience of virtual reality without having to remove the helmet completely.

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