HTC sets the price and the availability of the system by the Vive Pro Saudi Arabia

Vive Pro

The company announced the HTC about date system provides its new virtual reality HTC Vive Pro will allow the purchase via e-store for the Middle East today and retail stores in Saudi Arabia starting from next June at a price 3299 SAR.

Enjoying a virtual reality helmet new Vive Pro support the ability to move within a certain distance, and screen display technology, OLED and an increase in accuracy of 78% compared to the previous generation Vive. As afford the new helmet built-in speakers with subwoofer interior features to prevent noise.

Re-design of the Vive Pro is to provide maximum comfort levels for users of virtual reality technologies the most demanding, as it contains a head strap with a new design to distribute the weight of the fish evenly. It also features Pro buttons to adjust a simple and easy to users of Vive who wear glasses.

With more than 3,000 substance of the content of the virtual reality, retain Vive its position as the favorite of developers and consumers alike. And Viveport in more than 60 countries to provide an outstanding experience in the areas of entertainment, education, adventure, Arts and culture projects for clients from different parts of the world.

In addition, it prevents the subscribe Viveport users a choice of more than 400 items of high-quality content, allowing them the opportunity to discover the best content available to virtual reality.

Will be available to the group Vive full including helmet Vive Pro New as a package for retail sale in the Middle East starting from the third quarter of the current year.

Is expected that total spending on the products of augmented reality and virtual reality in Europe, Middle East and Africa will reach USD 3 billion in 2018 alone, according to a report by international data Corporation (IDC), more than double the amount recorded in the year 2017 .

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