+HTC U12 may be the flagship phone only to buy HTC this year

HTC U11 plus

We’ve heard rumors that HTC has a phone pilot is currently under development and will get the name of the +HTC U12. Assume that this makes sense because the company had not yet issued its phone flagship this year, but it seems that +HTC U12 may be the flagship phone the only company HTC launching this year.

This according to a new report released recently from the site HTC Source, which explained that a ” reliable source ” confirmed that the company is looking to streamline its operations in the smartphone market, which will eventually lead to the abandonment of the company’s plans to issue a phone to another pilot in the latter part of this year. It has become the launch two pilot projects through each year is a common practice to have the likes of Samsung and LG and HTC, but it seems that HTC decided to abandon the practice this year, at least in the case if the rumors are true.

It is safe to say that phones HTC smart not receiving it the big welcome in the market, this explains the modest sales for the Taiwanese company. In fact, I’ve lost the HTC a lot of its prestige in the smartphone market that it has recently sold its team responsible for the design and development of smart phones for Google. However, many companies are launching phone leading single through each year, so assume that this would be sufficient.

Rumors say that the phone +the HTC U12 will be released sometime during the month of May next, so it seems that we still have to wait a few months until we get the official details, so it is going to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection.


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