HTC unveils Phone of my Desire 12, Desire 12 Plus medium

The company announced the “HTC” announced today the launch of two phones, two new smartphones HTC Desire 12, HTC Desire 12+ mentors sector and the wider smartphone market, which is keen to turn the company to provide the phone their more advanced mimic those that we see in flagship phones at an affordable price.

Provides all of the HTC Desire 12 screen of 5.5 inch and the HTC Desire 12+ screen 6 inches, the experiences close to the user of the hand designs the screen, both phones have screen with the edges of the a few thickness, extended on a party phone, and after 18:9, which had earned us the clear by users of smart phones on the hand control to use when you carry. And the external surfaces of both phones, they both come to surfaces of the glass of liquid which we saw phone the company’s flagship HTC U11.

Supplied police call her with a camera background accurately 13 megapixel, which will enable the user to enjoy capturing photos sharper and brighter, as well as their support with automatic adjustment of the image, which enables the user to obtain clear images and with details of a minute during fast motion.

Company was also to provide her phone for HTC Desire 12+ camera again, becoming a phone-camera Double. Will this phone impress a lot of photography lovers professional, especially with the inclusion of a number of effects and exciting such as the effect of Booker “bokeh effects”.

In addition, front-facing HD Camera 8 MP لهاتفHTC Desire 12+ open Lens Aperture lens diameter, AC/2.0and with multiple options to adjust the flash to the front in order to enrich the sound study highlights the leadership. In when will HTC Desire 12 The advantages are also numerous for the selfie with the camera up the accuracy to the 5-megapixel sensor and lens with a diameter of f/2.2.

Not hides the element IQ line in these two phones, both with the best of what I came up with “HTC” in this area and the best smartphone HTC Sense Companion. Recall that the assistant HTC Sense Companion works on the principle of learning from its user, it is within the capabilities of artificial intelligence, can phone to reflect the user through machine learning to become able to provide suggestions customized and personalized.

This will be available phones colors black, silver, and gold, as will the company soon about the arrival of phones new to the markets of the UAE and the Middle East via its website, the channel, its interactive in social networking sites.

( Press release).

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