HTC unveils the price and the launch of a virtual reality helmet Vive Cosmos VR

It was the company HTC has revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show CES on a virtual reality helmet that you need to connect with PC Vive Cosmos of VR today, we have a date for launch in the markets and the price sold.

Vive Cosmos VR don’t need additional accounts and uses their own controllers to give better tracking and with the LCD screen accurately grouped 2880*1700 Pixel i.e. the highest accuracy by about Vive of the first generation 110, the degree of freedom of movement of the refresh rate of 90 Hz, making it ideal for gaming.

Featuring the helmet of the possibility of bringing her on the face without the need to remove them fully so as to get a short break and return to play.

With that the helmet is designed to connect with personal computers, but HTC had hinted earlier the possibility to link it to your smartphone, today launched the status of a third-party tracking allows freedom of movement and tracking over 360 degrees.

And this is the first helmet of virtual reality issued by HTC and supports a virtual reality system Vive Reality System instead of SteamVR after its development.

With the helmet earphones stereo sound there are USB 3.0 port DisplayPort 1.2 to connect with the situation.

Finally, will the helmet for purchase starting from October 3 next at a price of $ 699.

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