HTC Vive raises the level of standards of virtual reality technology through the launch of the device, Vive Pro and Converter Vive Wireless

A new device sets new standards for market virtual reality advanced, and new improvements in the platform. Viveport and Vive Video enhance the way the user in the visualization, exploration and solutions on the content of the virtual reality.

Of Nevada, Las Vegas, January 9, 2018: HTC announced VIVE™, the leading company in the field of virtual reality supporting the movement, today, about the new updates in the system by the main virtual reality in an effort to provide experiences virtual reality advanced at the level of the final consumer and businesses. And these updates through the launch of the device Vive Pro advanced copy of a VIVE, and Converter Vive Wireless.
The company confirmed that the upgrade did not include only the technical equipment but the content also, where the announced improvements are effective in the way to explore and experience the content of the virtual reality cross-platform by the famous content of the virtual reality and with Viveport and the Vive Video. The company is seeking through these improvements to keep abreast of the aspirations and desires of the user, especially in terms of providing accuracy superior view, and improve the audio system, enhance the level of comfort, and invent innovative ways to explore content, and increase the wireless options for the use of helmets of a virtual reality.

PC Vive Pro

Represents the device Vive Pro the new version of your VIVE, allocated for these volunteers to get the experiences of virtual reality related to high accuracy in supply and health. Has got the new helmet on a screen of the type of dual-OLED impart a higher level of accuracy, graphics, and clearly fixed 2880 X 1600. Thus you have submitted the new version of this device is the accuracy rate increases by 78% from the helmet, the current provided by PC Vive.
Reflect on these improvements accurately definition and the real meaning of the texts across, trade, comprehensive, advanced, and all of them to see more clearly. It has also been supporting the Vive Proبسماعات built-in high precision, and speakers to strengthen the levels and rich sound.
And shows the convenience factor and efficiency engineering is clearly in the head strap which provides your Vive Pro new, especially with disk arbitration, which contributes to the reduced weight at the front of the helmet. Also got the new helmet on the additional improvements like that fucking Mike Double, and noise cancellation, along with Dual front camera dedicated to support the innovation capabilities have developers.
Will be revealed soon about more details about the prices and the product launch to the market.

Tablet Vive Wireless

The company unveiled today a tablet Vive Wireless, the first adapter in the market which gives the experience of virtual reality advanced wireless integrated with all of your Vive, and Vive Pro. This machine comes with WiGig from Intel that gives the experience of virtual reality is useless wires, and operates at 60 GHz to ensure a low level to reduce the transmission and rejection performance. Will be starting to provide this innovation to global markets during the second quarter of the current year.
Said Frank, Sox, group general manager of virtual reality at Intel, marking this declaration: “see that the Vive Wireless located within the list of the aspirations of the users of virtual reality since the detection of this technology. And through the cooperation with HTC, which resulted in legalizing the commercial technology WiGig, we will ensure that virtual reality wireless will deliver the highest quality, which requires both users in homes or businesses.”

Platform Viveport virtual reality

Witnessing these updates can be described as the biggest since its launch, which as of today is reshaping the efforts of exploration, trade, and get content made by users. Instead of the show catalogue two-dimensional, it created the region a new interactive way to learn the content. In this way, the platform Viveport approach is the first of its kind is the empowerment of the preview of virtual reality through the allocation of extracts of content is able to evoke the experience of virtual reality within the scope of control is allowed in the room, and the opportunity to interact with the content prior to purchase or subscribe to it.
For his part, commented Ricardo steeper, President of the platform Viveport on updates root in the region, saying: “moving platform Viveport to be the first model to experience virtual reality. With all that is new in this region, we change the way the user to explore and experience and on the content of the virtual reality. Even today, there isn’t a shopping experience that is able to achieve take advantage of the full functionality of the technology, virtual reality, and therefore you will be platform Viveport to raise the level of interaction with content, as well as provide preview option to enable the developers to review the quality of what they developed from the content and experiences”.
It is worth mentioning that the organization has done recently in a subscription service, in virtual reality in order to provide new ways to identify the best experiences and prices. The organization provides currently more than 1,000 game content and virtual reality, in addition to the 350 content available for subscription.

Player Vive Video and integrate it بـVimeo

She also today Labs HTC innovation to upgrade Player Video known as Vive Video Player, which solves the problem of user knowledge exploration and get video content through the provided catalog is rich with videos of high quality which is reached directly at the virtual reality helmet. In addition to new features and updates to the user interface, has been integrated content player Vive Video the application of Vimeo, the largest producer in the world to publish the private lobby of filming life video innovative all over the world.
And through the new experience provided by the operator Vive Video, there will be a selection of the content of the application to Vimeo and compatible with a helmet Vive to explore and browse through the experiences of virtual reality.
Referred mentioning that the Vive Video level in being more apps downloaded and highest rated on the platform SteamVR, allowing users to explore the videos with the 180 and 360 degrees. Follow Vive Video currently on each of my platform Vive and Google Daydream, and will be drawn soon to the platform Vive Wave.

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