Huawei accused of helping North Korea, collect data on users illegally in the Czech Republic

Huawei Company

Able Huawei to withstand the restrictions imposed by the U.S. government on its operations and support to the boycott of its products by other countries, mainly due to the lack of any evidence that the police are involved in committing irregularities. This may change soon with the advent of new allegations that the company Huwei maybe it was a deal with North Korea illegally. Refers the prosecution also pointed out that Huawei was perhaps the gathered data users in the Czech Republic illegally.

Has been published the allegations by media organizations American Holding recently. However, there remains the conviction of the most serious is the claim that Huawei may have helped North Korea to build and maintain a network of its wireless business. Quotes the report published by the Washington Post of sources and documents obtained by former employees of the company Huawei.

According to the report, it has entered the company Huawei in partnership with Panda International Information Technology, a Chinese company owned by the state, in a number of projects that spanned at least eight years. Subject North Korea to sanctions large-scale international due to its nuclear weapons programme and human rights violations. Raise transactions for Huawei alleged questions as to whether the company has used US technology in their components, which is a violation of export controls of America.

The company denied the Huawei the presence of any commercial work in North Korea. In a statement responding to an article The Washington Post, said the company by saying : ” adhere to Huawei fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which we operate, including all laws, regulations, export control and sanctions issued by the United Nations and the United States and the European Union “.

While the storm was about North Korea still remain, reported a second report of the newspaper Agence France-Presse that an investigation conducted by the public radio of the Czech Republic found that the branch of the company Huawei in the Czech Republic ” secretly collect personal data on customers, officials and business partners “. Reported Public Radio Czech that two of the directors of the company Huawei, the former who spoke on condition of anonymity, have suggested that Huawei has asked them to enter data in computer systems ” administered by only the headquarters of Huawei in China,” according to Agence France-Presse. The report added that the personal information collected included the number of children, hobbies and financial situation of the target figures.

Response to the report of Public Radio of the Czech Republic, the company said Huawei in a statement that it respects the rules of the general regulatory data protection in the European Union, which is designed to protect the privacy of EU citizens. She said ” didn’t work for Huawei on any operations to gather intelligence information both with the Chinese embassy or any other organization, “ she said, ” if the way in which Huawei user data in the Czech Republic fully complies with all the laws of the Czech Republic, the European Union, in force “.

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