Huawei accused of stealing trade secrets from 6 companies

Accused the United States Department of Justice DoJ Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI company Huawei extortion and conspiracy to steal trade secrets from six American companies, in a major escalation in the lawsuit which began last year against a company the Chinese telecom giant.

I called the company Huawei and its subsidiaries using fraud, deception, abuse of advanced technology from their counterparts in the United States, and new charges that the company offers bonuses for employees who have received confidential information from its competitors.

Adds a new indictment to list the former contained two counts the amount by the US government last year, including violation of U.S. sanctions on Iran and steal technology called Tappy from the company T-Mobile used to test the durability of the smartphone.

This development is the latest step by the administration of US President Donald Trump in the war a year ago against a company manufacturing network equipment, which it considers a threat to national security.

According to the federal indictment non-confidential, contained the intellectual property misappropriated information and trade secrets and are protected by copyright, such as source code, user manuals for routers, and antennas, and robot testing.

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Prosecutors said the alleged theft enabled HUAWEI of get illegally on the technique of non-public relating to the code the source router to the internet and the antennas of cellular robots, which gives the company an unfair competitive advantage.

Although corporate America to six unnamed in the indictment, but that it suspected that the companies involved are Cisco Systems, Motorola Solutions, and Fujitsu, and Quintel Technology, and T-Mobile and CNEX Labs.

The report, Huawei is also doing business with countries subject to sanctions the United States and the European Union and the United Nations, including Iran and North Korea, as well as trying to hide its involvement, it is alleged that Huawei use code names for the countries, such as A2, Iran and the A9 North Korea.

Implemented Huawei by by these accusations all, she said the new indictment is part of an attempt to the Ministry of justice to inflict significant damage to the reputation of Huawei and its work for reasons of competition rather than the application of the law.

Come new accusations against Huawei after days of publication of the Wall Street Journal report indicates that US officials have evidence on the police use of the doors of the wallpaper allow it to access the secret to the sensitive and personal information.

However, the company responded to allegations of spying, saying the United States itself has a long history of spying on its allies and adversaries, in reference to the report of the newspaper The Washington Post explains in detail how bought a Investigation Agency Central CIA company called Crypto AG and used to intercept the communications of foreign governments for several decades.

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