Huawei accuses FedEx of leaking some documents to the United States

هواوي تتهم FedEx بتسريب بعض وثائقها للولايات المتحدة

The face of the company Huawei is a clear indictment of the company global courier FedEx for their cooperation with the United States government and some of the documents that I sent via express delivery service to the United States by what became the Chinese company to Reuters news agency.

She said Huawei’s they FedEx the re-routing of the itinerary of the two parcels to send them from Vietnam to China to be sent to the offices of the MG in the other Asian countries and then sent to the United States instead of China.

She assured Huawei that the documents that have been leaked don’t have any technical information but they carry commercial information relating to commodities, and for possessing a photo of the path to the journey of the parcel but at the same time I didn’t talk about the reason for their suspicion under the guidance of the parcel to the wrong place.

Demanded the Chinese company faced a ban from the United States government to consider the issue after sending a formal complaint to him, in speaking of the FedEx that the parcel turns from its course by mistake completely denied to be the United States government or any other party a request sent to a place different from the basic direction.

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