Huawei AI Speaker – smart column, very similar to Apple HomePod

Huawei unveiled for the Chinese market smart column AI Speaker, whose designers clearly inspired by Apple HomePod.

Column from Huawei more rounded than the HomePod and is similar to a barrel. Plus the top part is the touch pad installed “stub” with the usual control buttons. In other respects they are very similar and from a distance of several meters can be easily mixed them up.

Huawei collaborated with Dynaudio to design speakers. Inside was a 2.25″ speaker. It is noted that the column uses proprietary algorithms improve the sound Histen. Power – 10 watts. Dimensions: 133х133х130 mm.

Smart column is equipped with a system of six microphones, modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. The manufacturer claims that the device is able to capture the voice of the user within a radius of five meters and to recognize it among the noise of the TV or playing music. As for the voice assistant, it can respond to the questions, report the weather and traffic conditions, and manage the smart gadgets, if they are compatible with the corporate platform Huawei HiLink.

Cost Huawei AI Speaker – $57.

Source: Huawei

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