Huawei: America will not be defeated we never

Passed the Huawei recently through very traumatic times in the United States, the beginning of the capture of the city by the last arrival to the decision to withhold the use of Chinese telecom equipment, but that the company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, announced that the United States can’t stop the advance of his company.

During an interview with the agency, BBC News, Ren said that it is impossible that the United States could crush his company given the state of the world, as of more sophisticated techniques, even in the case were persuaded several other states not to use their products, they are simply will start searching for the different states is ready to work with it.

It comes at a time which calls for the United States and its allies to abandon the use of network equipment Huawei, where Britain is currently reviewing various network equipment company to make sure they do not represent a security risk.

This was stated by the founder of Huawei later that the arrest of his daughter and the director of the financial police was purely political, where the charge was contrary to the regulations of the sanctions the United States added to steal the secrets of the technique, while assured Ren that the company and the Chinese government confirmed in advance that they would not say to install the doors the spy background.

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