Huawei and LG are competing for the launch of the first phone 5G in MWC conference !

In the event the boot that causes the MWC conference focused Huawei heavily on the modem its new Balong 5000 that works with the 5G, and at the end of the show, which lasted an hour brought to the Chinese company highlighted the presentation of the first phone 5G in front of the audience in the conference of MWC 2019 .

That the new phone will not only be the first phone 5G but it will be foldable too, which puts Huawei in direct competition with Samsung, which is preparing to launch the first foldable phone with a connection to the 5G in the timing of the close.

Will be used with the Huawei the 5G chipset Kirin 980 with modem Balong 5000 .

LG has plans suitable are other

On the other side, confirmed the information documented from the LG company about its readiness to launch a phone 5G are other separately during this year’s MWC conference in Barcelona.

The company says that the phone will contain a steam room, a large copper, which will be the size of 2.7 times the size of those found in the LG device the V40 ThinQ with double the amount of coolant. Which would greatly improve the potential of cooling in an LG smart phone that works with the 5G with the advantage of the full potential of the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC.

أخيراk it is expected to be announced phone with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, with confirmation from LG on is not affected battery life by touch 5G .

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