Huawei and ZTE are banned from supplying equipment for the 5G to Australia

ZTE Company

While companies Huawei and ZTE that had existed since the period, it appears that both companies had been in recent need of the United States government out of it spying on users in favor of the Chinese government, so much so that the American president Donald Trump already block the use of devices of these companies by government officials, contractors, government officials.

As if that face obstacles in the United States weren’t bad enough, it appears that it has gone to Australia because the recently released report from the Newswire Reuters says that the Australian Government banned all of Huawei and ZTE supply network equipment to the fifth generation 5G to the country. She cited the Government of the dangers of foreign intervention and piracy, which the government denied Chinese said that it was an excuse to ” tilt ” the playing field.

It is not surprising that the Chinese government is not very happy with this development, and the Chinese capital Beijing, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mr. Lu Kang : ” we urge the Australian Government to abandon the ideological biases and to provide a fair competitive environment for the operations of Chinese companies in Australia “.

Having said that, even if it is proven that companies Huawei and ZTE not spying for the Chinese government, the law, which was issued in China during the past year as indicated by the report issued by Reuters, requires businesses and citizens to support and help and cooperation with the CIA. This means that, in theory, legal, Huawei and ZTE to comply with the requests of the Chinese government in any circumstance.


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