Huawei and ZTE spying on Americans. At least, so say US intelligence agencies

Chinese smartphone manufacturers want to capture the American market, but apparently, US intelligence agencies are not happy about this.

The FBI, NSA, CIA and the national intelligence of the USA do not trust the devices of ZTE and Huawei. They fear that the Chinese government can monitor US citizens and discover the secrets of national importance, using Telecom equipment.

Output special services see one – not to allow the Chinese producers to the US market. However, for all this initiative can also be the us Telecom companies, which fear competition from the Chinese. They don’t want to lose money, and Chinese competitors are likely to start to dump prices, which would bring down the market.

Recently, the media reported about the project on the prohibition of the products of Huawei and ZTE in the United States. According to the document, the civil service and structures it is forbidden to use any equipment ZTE and Huawei in the United States. Will apply this prohibition to the entire territory of America, is not clear. In turn, Huawei said that it is not more dangerous than any other company offering a similar technology.

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