Huawei announced the date of the presentation of the Mate 20 and at the same time postebalsya over Apple

Huawei published in the Twitter announcement of its own events, which will take place on October 16. At the same time the company potrollila yesterday’s presentation of the new iPhone.

The flagship Huawei Mate Mate 20 and 20 Pro we will see in a month. However, the network can already find quite a variety of rumors and leaks about smartphones.

Presumably, this new Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Fun but Huawei reacted to yesterday’s presentation by Apple. The company tweeted several posts, which hints at the lack of innovation in iPhone.

And thanked the Cupertino company for the opportunity to become true heroes.

Well, trolling is counted, now the main thing — not to raise expectations about future presentations and really impress a new Mate and Mate 20 20 Pro.

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