Huawei announced when it will release HarmonyOS for smartphones. Spoiler: soon

Despite the fact that lately we often write about Huawei, about HarmonyOS all managed to forget partially. Well, there is nothing unusual, because the operating system, apparently, is at an early stage of development, and thus will be ready at best in 2-3 years, as expected from the beginning. But the Huawei, this situation is not very satisfied, because the longer she postpones the launch of its own platform, the more he loses and harm its development. That is why the company decided to accelerate the pace of development HarmonyOS to release it as soon as possible.

HarmonyOS come earlier, than was planned earlier

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HarmonyOS for smartphones will officially launch within the next 6-9 months. This statement was made Vice-President of Huawei Vincent pang in an interview with Business Insider. This is significantly less than the period, which the company has said before. Then the representatives of Huawei said that in its current form HarmonyOS not designed to run on smartphones, and therefore requires considerable processing, which may take several years. However, the reason to accelerate the company still was.

Why HarmonyOS will be released so soon

According to Pung, Huawei can not wait that long, as stated initially. The company has already released one flagship product, which is forced to exist between two worlds. On the one hand, it is running on Android and like not even different from the other devices, but on the other, he does not have access to Google services and their own services Huawei on it do not work as we would like the developers of the company. Because of this the unit went very compromise.

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Of course, in this case we are talking about Huawei Mate 30. Huawei introduced a new product a couple of months ago at the presentation in Beijing, but never released it to the international sale, implementing only a limited number of countries. The reason for this is the lack of Google services and the ability to access the Google Play. And since own the application directory Huawei – AppGallery – has insufficient wide range, start Huawei Mate 30 in Europe would be ill-advised, because users definitely would feel the difference.

Whether HarmonyOS to replace Android

If Huawei really can run HarmonyOS at least until the end of next year, it is not clear what the company will do with permissions to work with American businesses that it plans to issue US. Indeed, in this case Huawei will have the opportunity to work again with Google and, as a consequence, to install on their smartphones a full version of Android, equipped with a full set of services the search giant. However, pang tried to divert the conversation away from this topic.

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On the question of what Huawei is doing with Android, pang replied that HarmonyOS is not a replacement for Android. HarmonyOS is Android the next level, he said. What this might mean is not clear yet. In the end, if Huawei is not going to replace the Google OS on its own, what sense generally to put it out, especially in such a short time, apparently leaving at developing tremendous resources. However, there is a possibility that Huawei will start to deliver smartphones with two platforms at once, giving users the ability to switch between them, depending on the scenario.

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